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Movements Websites:

Wim van Dullemen and Christiane Macketanz have been teaching the Gurdjieff movements for many years in Europe.
Akash, based in Goa, India, initiated the 39 Series project
Main site for Margit Martinu in Italy  Since 1985, Ms Martinu has conducted courses and seminars in Italy, Europe and in the United States.
Main site for James Tomarelli in Santa Fe, New Mexico James learned the Movements at John Bennett's Fourth Way school at Sherborne in 1974/75, and regularly teaches the Movements in the US, Italy and other venues.
Main site for Jivan Sunder
Site dedicated to the memory and work of Dushka Howarth and her mother Jasmine in preserving and transmitting the movements.
Boaz Capsouto has been supporting and organizing Movements retreats for Akash Dharmaraj. This site has links to some of those events.
Elena Bloom, based in Moscow. Gurdjieff Work and Movements in Russia.
For over 13 years, the Leeds Gurdjieff Society has sought to provide a framework for interested seekers in the Fourth Way.

Music: Gurdjieff's Music for the Movements - Wim van Dullemen, piano - Two CD set with 46 Movements pieces included. See description and availability at Bennett Books


Music for Gurdjieff's 39 Series  - Wim van Dullemen, piano - Two CD set. See description and availability at Bennett Books    



Friends on the Path: After moving to Seattle in 1994, Molly Knight Forde embarked on an intense 10 year participation in Fourth Way Work (with John McPherson) and its Sufi influences, Sacred Wisdom School and 2 years of energy awareness classes. She has participated in Gurdjieff Movements seminars around the world and is herself an accomplished Movements teacher.  She has also received 4 initiations in Tibetan Buddhism, and is a certified Level 2 Reiki Healer along with having a deep connection to various forms of Yoga. Jose Reyes and Katiuska have been teaching movements in the context of the larger 4th Way work for many years. They have an impressive seminar center in the Dominican and also regularly conduct seminars in Europe.